How to link a website to my server?

I have my old windows xp pc in home with internet connection, i want to create a web pagee. Theweb pagee information should be in my pc itself. Could you please guide me
1)how to make my pc as server ?
2)Where and how to buy URL?
3)How to link that URL with the file in my pc?


  • Try wamp server..

  • First you need to download and install a web server (Apache is a good choice), then create a website.
    You also need to learn about servers, HTML, client-side scripting (JavaScript) and serve-side scripting (PHP. there’s also ASP and ASP.NET which didn’t work with Apache the last time I checked).
    Finally you will need to buy a domain from some website (Google “buy domains”) and link it with your IP address.

  • If you’re using XP Pro then you have IIS built into it, which is Microsoft’s web server.

    However, what you’re talking about is a horrendous idea. For one thing if you turn your PC off your site goes down. For another, the performance of your site is directly related to the speed of your PC/connection. For yet another you’re allowing outsiders access to your PC.

    It’s such a horrible idea you should forget it immediately. Buy a domain name and hosting from a reputable company like and set up a site there. Then none of the issues above apply.

  • First thing to check is if your ISP allows outside connection to port 80, 8080, or 8085.
    ISPes have this port blocked on home service feed.
    Goto and type in 80 for the port number, if it comes back that it can see you, then you are good to go.

    I use XAMPP for my server, complete package with everything you need.

    Just use a name, dont waste money on buying domain name.
    Your IP address from your router will be what points. If dynamic, no-ip has program to take care of that too, all for free.

    For blog site use wordpress.
    For my web sites, I have always used PHP-Fusion, which is a CMS, content management system.

    There are free web site templates you can download and just copy in the xampphtdocs folder.

    From the way you sound, you want a site just to play with. Install just the Apache server, lot less hassel. Find a free web template and use that. It all depends on the first step posted on wheather you can host a web site.

    Take too long to expand on already written and longer to keep explaining.

  • I don’t think it is difficult. Your PC/server has to run reliably 24/7 (ideally). I think when we did it we installed MS Windows Server (OS). You also need a dynamic IP rather than static.

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