How will my friends eviction affect my credit since I co-signed the lease for her.


Hello myFICO community. I’ve lurked these forums for a while and tend to come here and search anytime I need credit related information. Now a circumstance that has presented itself in my life brings me to actually post and seek some info from the community here, hopefully you guys can give me some insight on this matter. So basically the situation is this, a friend of mine asked me to co-sign on a lease for an apartment she really wanted to get some months back. She is a close friend so I had no problem doing it for her. However due to an unfortunate unexpected job loss on her part she is now about to be evicted. Needless to say I’m very mad about this because I stuck my neck out for her per say and now I’m getting screwed :-/. At the same time I understand that sometimes life happens. Now my concern is how is her eviction going to affect my credit seeing as I’m also on the lease with her, I’m also wondering if anything else will be affected other than the credit score itself. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance guys.

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